In the New York colony you have free will, we are okay with any religion, you can go to church,or the synagogue or something completely different. We are not like the the Massachusetts colony where you have to be Puritan or other colonies like it.

Free Land

You get free land after for some time in your country. We will give you basic needs as you work.

Opportunities of Wealth

If you come to this colony it is more likely that you will become wealthy than in huge city like London. You get free land after you work for someone for seven years so you don't have to even worry about that part.

Plenty of Food

New York is know for it's bread and seafood. You might be starving in England but it is almost guaranteed that you will not have to think about food ever again.


Free Religion

We accept any religion, anyone can come here and enjoy life!

Service to your Country

By going to the colony you can support your country so we can make life better for you.

Conveniently Located

New York is located right on the Atlantic Ocean for trade with England to happen, and home to rich, fertile soil that is great for growing crops.


Sell materials

Various items you gather you can sell to England, boosting your wealth. These items include wool, raw food, meat, wood, and basically all raw materials.


It is easy to make money here, all you have jobsto do is gather raw materials for Englands. You can sell them to England for quite a lot, and get produced goods back for just about what you sold it for. Please make sure that you are only trading with Englad, otherwise... just don't.

Native Peoples

New York has excellent trade agreements with the native peoples. You can trade stuff for warm fur from animals or objects.

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The land here is full of lovely wildlife and is a perfect environment for a new settlement.
There are huge mountains full of stone and iron to send to England. Also, there are lots of forests full of wildlife to hunt, and also full of timber.
The climate ranges from below freezing in the winter, to above 90 in the summer.


Jobs for Men

There are plenty of jobs to fit your character. You could be a miner for iron and cole. You could be a farmer of cows, chickens or wheat. You could also be a lumberjack.

Jobs for Women

As a woman you could be a baker or take care of your family. You could also weave, knit, or crochet clothes. (These were the only options back then.)



New York is located next to the Atlantic Ocean, which is wonderful for trading.


Thousands of Square Miles


Population (Thousands)


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